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Fan Poll: Top 5 Dethklok Songs

The best and brutalest, as voted by Revolver readers
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In the Metalocalypse universe, Dethklok are the biggest band in the world. In this universe, they're still treated as such by the fans who appreciate them for their brutal, blackened glory. The real-fake band are hysterical in the Adult Swim show, but they're hardly just a joke band. All three of their albums are genuinely amazing extreme-metal records that strike the perfect balance between booger-brained humor and face-smashing heaviness.

In our world, Dethklok fans don't got to the lengths of dying horrific deaths in the name of standom, but they do know a thing or two when it comes to choosing the best songs the band have ever released. Below, are our readers' top five picks ranked by number of votes received.

5. "Skyhunter"

Used in the episode when Pickles the drummer gets sent to rehab for boozing too hard on the job and causing billions of dollars worth of damage, "Skyhunter" is actually a pretty well-worded and emotional melodeath banger about the struggles of addiction. "Take my power and trade it away/Now I live in Kryptonite/Do what I must to have it again/And I'll explode the planet, tonight," goes its mighty verse about how the mind is warped by substances and willing to do whatever it takes to get its fix. Also, the solo rips. 

4. "Go Into the Water"

Remember, "Go Into the Water" is not meant to be taken literally. The band got in a lot of trouble for that, don't let that happen again. Anyways, this trudging doom-death number that serves as track No. 2 on the Dethalbum is legit great, with croaking vocals that sound like they're gurgling from the scaly throat of the fish-man hybrids in the song's lyrical mythos, and a plodding riff that your local sludge band probably wished they thought of first.

3. "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle"

This is how we know our readers are real Dethklok fans. "Duncan Hills Coffe Jingle" doesn't appear on an actual Dethklok album, but it's showcased in the first-ever episode of Metalocalypse when the band perform the one-minute promotional ditty on the top of a mountain while hot coffee pours down and burns their fans' faces off. As funny as it is within the context of the episode, it really is a totally killer extreme-metal track, boiling down everything that makes Dethklok great into a concise 60 seconds of "ultimate flavor."

2. "Laser Cannon Death Sentence"

The "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" is the most brutal, epic and motherfucking metal fate the Dethklok boys can come up with when they're given the reins to determine how a group of death row prisoners are executed. So naturally, this majestically sadistic display of exploding bones needed a song that's just as gratuitously intense, and they delivered the goods on this one. With machine-gun fire blast beats and a guitar lead that soars so high it could high-five an angel, "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" is obviously a Dethklok all-timer. 

1. "Murmaider"

It had to be this one. Sure, the sequel racked up its fair share of votes, but the tale of the Murmaider was funniest and brain-mashingly heaviest the first time around — a song so powerful that it literally blew away their producer. This really is the quintessential Dethklok song, though, because it's the prime example of a track that's gut-bustingly hilarious and totally idiotic within the context of the show, but also so undeniably well-recorded and performed that if you threw it on for soem hesher who didn't know what the fuck they were listening to, they'd probably just think it was some awesome Swedish band they'd never heard of.