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Fan poll: Top 5 EVANESCENCE songs

See which Amy Lee anthem landed at No. 1
Evanescence live 2023 1600x900, Azu Rodriguez
Evanescence's Amy Lee
photograph by Azu Rodriguez

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Evanescence aren't the most prolific band in heavy music, but they still manage to have one of the scene's most passionate fan bases.

Since breaking out with their chart-smashing 2003 debut, Fallen, Amy Lee and Co. have released four albums of original material, their most recent being 2021's The Bitter Truth.

Through it all, the band have maintained a die-hard following that appreciates every musical journey the group have taken them on — from the nu-metal bangers to the heart-wrenching ballads.

We asked our readers to comb through their playlists and select the very best Evanescence song of them all. See the top five vote-getters ranked accordingly below.

5. "Lost in Paradise"

As famous as they are for gut-punching rock songs, Evanescence also know their way around a ballad. "Lost in Paradise," a standout from their 2011 self-titled album, draws inspiration from Lee's idol, Icelandic avant-pop maestro Björk, to create a swell of regal strings that accompany the singer's soaring vocal performance. It's a stunner.

4. "Your Star"

"Your Star" is a masterclass in faking out the listener. A deep cut on Evanescence's second album, 2006's The Open Door, it begins with minimalist piano plinks and Lee's breathy vocals. Suddenly, nearly two minutes in, the song leaps forward with hiccuping guitar chugs and a nu-metally groove, sprawling outward into a hair-whipping frenzy.

3. "My Immortal"

"My Immortal" was the song that showed everyone just how much range Lee and Co. possessed from the jump. The fourth track on their smash debut, Fallen, follows three upbeat bangers by swerving into delicate balladry.

The song, including Lee's tear-jerking singing performance, is top-tier, but it's "My Immortal"'s lyrics — about struggling to mourn a deceased lover — that proved Evanescence capable of an emotional nuance far above that of most of their nu-metal and post-grunge peers.

2. "Going Under"

"Now I will tell you what I've done for you." When Lee seethes those words at the start of Fallen opener "Going Under," you can practically hear the rage steaming out from between her teeth.

Aggressive and serrated during the verses but insanely catchy during the chorus, "Going Under" is a longtime fan favorite among Evanescence heads, and it came extremely close to claiming No. 1 in this poll.

1. "Bring Me to Life"

It had to be this one, right? "Bring Me to Life" is the first Evanescence song most people have heard, and for some casual heavy-music fans, it's the only one they know.

That doesn't mean "Bring Me to Life" is entry level; it just means that it's such a well-executed and universally resonant song that it's become a lasting pillar of 2000s pop culture.

Few bands are lucky enough to have a cut that connects with people the way "Bring Me to Life" does, and while the record-label-mandated guest rap vocals from Paul McCoy can be a touch distracting, this is an otherwise stellar rock song that put a cap on nu-metal's prime era — and crowned Evanescence leaders in the heavy rock wave that followed.