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Fan poll: Top 5 FOO FIGHTERS songs

See what Dave Grohl anthem landed at No. 1
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The Foo Fighters occupy a unique space in the modern rock universe where they're both immensely popular and commercially successful, but also highly esteemed by fans of underground genres like metal and punk. For people who grew up in the Nineties and beyond, Dave Grohl and Co. are an inescapable force who've been dominating the radio for decades and continually putting out albums that fans and critics adore.

So even though their music isn't as heavy as Slayer or as dark as Deftones, Revolver readers still go nuts for the Foo Fighters, and we asked them to choose the band's single best song. The top five vote-getters are ranked accordingly below.

5. "Walk"

"Walk" didn't become a single until the Foo Fighters had already released 2011's Wasting Light, but soon enough, the album's restorative, triumphant closing track became a rock radio hit — and ultimately nabbed two Grammy awards in 2012, for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. One playthrough of this track's explosive climax and it's easy to hear why, especially when Grohl hollers, "I never wanna die!" with vein-popping resilence.

4. "Learn to Fly"

"Learn to Fly" isn't one of the Foos' heaviest or most sonically intense songs, but it's one of the foremost examples of Grohl's imposing abilities as an anthem writer. This staple from their 1999 smash, There Is Nothing Left to Lose, just has the ability to pull you out of your seat and make you start singing along.

3. "The Pretender"

"The Pretender" is just plain fun to play loud. Beginning with rousing punk drum thwacks and choppy guitar strokes, the tension builds mightily before ultimately spilling over into a rowdy, yelling chorus. "What if I say I'm not like the others?/What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?" Grohl bellows with such palpable force that you can practically feel his spittle on your face.

2. "My Hero"

"My Hero" is a song Grohl wrote about the rock musicians he grew up idolizing, which makes it instantly relatable to practically anyone hearing the song. This crunching, messy-haired standout from the Foos' Colour and Shape has always been a fan favorite, but it's taken on an especially important meaning in the wake of drummer Taylor Hawkins' death. "There goes my hero," Grohl sings with a proud sense of love and awe. We're not crying — you are.

1. "Everlong"

Sometimes, the hit is the hit for a reason. Foo Fighters' most recognizable song, "Everlong," is so undeniably powerful, memorable and emotionally convincing, that even people who don't care for the band's overall discography have to admit that this track slaps. The moody, loud/soft dynamics has a definite pang of Nirvana in its DNA, but Grohl's gruff vocal attack is his own and nobody else's. "Everlong." It's the Foos' best.