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Fan Poll: Top 5 Ghost Deep Cuts

See what beat "He Is" and "Elizabeth" for the No. 1 spot
photograph by MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/Redferns

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Ghost operate like a cult, so it's no wonder that their fan base responds with an idolatrous admiration for the Swedish occult rockers' discography. Across four full-length albums — with a fifth, Impera, on the way later this year — and several EPs, the band helmed by mastermind Tobias Forge has fostered a uniquely fervent group of international worshippers who pay close attention to everything the band does.

That said, there's always room for certain songs to slip through the cracks, so we asked our readers to pick what they consider to be Ghost's greatest deep cut — the song from their catalog that doesn't get the widespread acclaim that it deserves. You know, not "Square Hammer" or "Cirice." Below, are the top five vote-getters ranked accordingly.

5. "Zenith"

"Zenith" is such a deep cut that it's not even available on most streaming platforms. The track was written during the sessions for 2015's Meliora, but was left off of the record and only included as a bonus track on the 2016 Redux version. However, that hasn't stopped diehard Ghost fans from heralding the six-minute banger as one of the band's greatest cuts — a perfect blend of catchy, heavy and spooky. 

4. "Satan Prayer"

There're a lot of standouts on Ghost's 2010 debut, Opus Anonymous, so naturally, some great songs are bound to be overlooked. One of those is "Satan Prayer," a brisk, almost disco-like doom dance with a sultry bassline, squelchy organ notes and a bit of an "Immigrant Song" bounce. The lyrics — "Believe in one god do we/Satan almighty — are classic Ghost.

3. "Elizabeth"

Whereas "Satan Prayer" has more in common with the lighter, brighter and catchier sound of present-day Ghost, "Elizabeth" isn't shy about enunciating the band's metal side. This Opus Anonymous cut bursts open with a slicin', dicin' riff over a goddamn thrash gallop, only to pull back just when you think they're going full Dave Mustaine and relaxing into a mid-tempo trot.

2. "He Is"

Given that it was the final single released in anticipation of Meliora, "He Is" isn't buried under files way in the back of Ghost's library the way some of these other songs are, but our fans are right in that it doesn't necessarily get the same amount of love that the group's other singles, like "Cirice" and "Dance Macabre," do. That's a shame, because the build from tender folk to beaming power ballad is a thing of beauty.

1. "Witch Image"

When a song has a name like "Witch Image," you know it's gotta be good — and this one is. Arriving in the back end of Ghost's 2018 LP, Prequelle, this tune explodes with a momentously crunchy guitar lick (and subsequent solo) that might well be one of the best they've ever cut to tape. Additionally, it's got the type of sing-along chorus that makes you want to dash up a mountain, hold a shiny golden object above your head and let out a titanic battle cry. "Witch Image" for the win.