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Fan Poll: Top 5 Greg Puciato Vocal Performances

See what Dillinger Escape Plan song took the top spot
greg puciato dillinger, Stephen Odom
Dillinger Escape Plan's Greg Puciato
photograph by Stephen Odom

From Dillinger Escape Plan, to the Black Queen, to Killer Be Killed, to his guest turns with Lamb of God, Every Time I Die, Soulfly and more, to his new solo project — which was recently announced via its crushing debut single "Fire for Water" — Greg Puciato has long cemented his status as one of the greatest singers and frontpeople in heavy music and beyond. Dillinger is, of course, his calling card, as it should be considering the legacy of completely insane music and even more insane shows the now-defunct band left behind. So when we asked you, the fans, to pick Puciato's single best vocal performance, it was no wonder that that group dominated the results. Below are the top five vote-getters.

5. "Gold Teeth on a Bum"

This slinky, slithering old-school fan-favorite — off Dillinger Escape Plan's 2010 LP, Option Paralysis — is a devastating showcase for Greg Puciato's range, as soft whispers quickly give way to wild-man screams, which give way themselves to sonorous crooning. The singer's skill at flowing from part to part to part with his voice is simply stunning.

4. "One of Us Is the Killer"

2013's One of Us Is the Killer is DEP's fifth studio album and was almost their last, as internal differences shook the band to its core. Fortunately, they pulled shit together and delivered, among many crushing cuts, the LP's stunning title track — one of the catchiest songs ever for a band considered musically inaccessible by many, thanks in no small part to Puciato's falsetto-laced Mike Patton–esque verses and roaringly violent yet inescapably infectious choruses.

3. "Crossburner"

This deeper cut from One of Us Is the Killer provides the seething, explosive soundtrack to doomsday. Dynamic and ultimately cataclysmic, the rolling, roiling composition allows Puciato the space to fully indulge his trademark whisper-sing-scream. But it's "Crossburner"'s crushing breakdown that surely seals the deal and lands the song here in this poll: It evokes the visceral feeling of physical pain.

2. "Farewell, Mona Lisa"

It's super hard to hit play on this song without imagining Puciato jumping off a venue's balcony before it even starts — and midair is exactly where you probably would have found him back when Dillinger were still ruling the live circuit. From his swift screams over the cut's jackhammer opening to his instantly recognizable croon in the midsection to the compulsive chaos of the outro, Puciato's expansive contributions help make this one of DEP's finest, most memorable songs.

1. "Limerent Death"

It's the opening cut on DEP's final album — and what a way to go out. Amid absolute dizzying instrumentation, Puciato screams and groans his way through the runaway train ride that is "Limerent Death." But it's in the ripper's final minute or so, with its repetitive shrieks and rants of the lines "I gave you everything you wanted/You were everything to me," that the singer confirms his full sacrificial commitment to his craft. "I really wanted to get a full genuine emotional exorcism recorded," Puciato told Revolver when he shared his isolated vocals for the song. "It was the first take, and when I finished I was on the floor, nearly blacked out, eyes closed trying to calm the swelling migraine waves, drooling long strings of gooey pre-vomit everywhere." No wonder it's No. 1 here.