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Fan Poll: Top 5 Ice Nine Kills Songs

See what beat "The Greatest Story Ever Told" and "Hell in the Hallways" for No. 1
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Ice Nine Kills are modern masters of horror-metal. Between frontman Spencer Charna's theatrical singing, the band's unique mix of highly melodic post-hardcore and devastating metalcore, their lyrics that spin time-tested tales into tantalizing new forms, and the elaborate music videos that accompany nearly every song, there's truly no other group who's operating at the level that INK are.

Ahead of the band's highly-anticipated new album, Welcome to Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2, we asked our readers to name their favorite song from the spooktacular INK catalog. The top five picks are ranked accordingly below.

5. "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

This INK classic has been kicking around their catalog for nearly 15 years, having first appeared on their 2007 EP, The Burning, before it was re-recorded for their 2010 breakout, Safe Is Just a Shadow. With one of the most anthemic hooks Spencer Charnas has ever sung and a grim tale of serial killer vengeance, "The Greatest Story Ever Told" remains an essential piece of INK canon, even as the band have grown by leaps and bounds since its initial release(s). 

4. "The Nature of the Beast"

On "The Nature of the Beast," INK pivot from straight horror to reinterpret George Orwell's 1945 political satire, Animal Farm. With their signature blend of crushing metalcore breakdowns and triumphant clean singing, this standout from the band's 2015 opus, Every Trick in the Book, is hands down the most metal telling of the 1917 Russian Revolution and its tragic aftermath that you're bound to find. 

3. "Merry Axe-Mas"

Although many of INK's songs are filled with grisly gore and heinous villains, one of the reasons their music is so fun to listen to is because they have a masterful understanding of camp. Take "Merry Axe-Mas," a track from their 2018 album, The Silver Scream, that's based on the over-the-top slasher flick Silent Night: Deadly Night — a film about a murderous Santa Claus that INK giddily personify with gigantic deathcore breakdowns and a wailing guitar solo. 

2. "Hell in the Hallways"

INK have a fantastic track record for banger back-half tracks, and the closer from Every Trick in the Book is one of their finest. Even if you know how it plays out, "Hell in the Hallways" makes Stephen King's iconic story of a misfit high-schooler named Carrie sound absolutely spine-tingling, with down-tuned chugs galore and a tastefully poignant lead lick during the chorus.

1. "Stabbing in the Dark"

It might not be INK's most popular song, but "Stabbing in the Dark" was the clear favorite among the voters of this poll. The third track off of The Silver Scream is Charnas and Co.'s take on John Carpenter's Halloween, a story that's been granted so many sequels that it's a genuine feat that INK's version sounds as fresh and compelling as it does. "A former portrait of perfection/Painted without plight/Now Haddonfield's my battlefield/Your kids won't make it home tonight" is devilishly vivid prose, and band sound smack dab in the middle of their element while performing this slapper.