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Fan Poll: Top 5 Korn Deep Cuts

See what beat out "Dead Bodies Everywhere" and "Ball Tongue" for No. 1
Korn live 1998 , Mick Hutson / Redferns
photograph by Mick Hutson / Redferns

Korn are one of the biggest and most commercially successful metal bands of all time, but they're by no means a " just the hits" act. Across 13 studio albums spanning almost three decades of nu-metal dominance, the Bakersfield boys have produced enough bangers that never even scraped the charts to fill out a three-volume "best of" compilation.

With this in mind, we asked our readers to think hard and pick their all-time favorite deep cut from the Korn catalog — the songs the people love even though they're often overlooked when fans and journalists talk about the albums they come from.

We got hundreds of great picks from all throughout Korn's discography, but the top five vote-getters are ranked accordingly below.

5. "Mr. Rogers"

If the title fooled you into thinking that Korn wrote a wholesome song about a children's TV personality who preached neighborly kindness, then swallow that drink before you spit it. This underappreciated highlight from Life Is Peachy is essentially a diss track about Mr. Rogers, who failed Jonathan Davis by setting him up to be abused by those who were close to him. "Fred, you told me everybody was my neighbor/They took advantage of me, you let them take their turns hitting me," he snarls. Oof.

4. "Alive"

Although Korn's 2003 opus, Take a Look in the Mirror, is widely regarded as their first middling album, it does house a hidden gem called "Alive" deep in its 56-minute track listing. Old-school fans will know that a less refined version of this cut was originally included on the band's 1993 demo, which explains why it has more of a classic Korn vibe compared to the rest of the record.

3. "Dead Bodies Everywhere"

The fact that "Dead Bodies Everywhere" is a deep cut and not a lead single just goes to show how fucking stacked Follow the Leader is as an album. Korn's 1998 breakthrough smash is undoubtedly one of the greatest nu-metal records of all time, and although it often gets unfairly overshadowed by hits like "Freak on a Leash" and "Got the Life," "Dead Bodies Everywhere" has one of the best grooves they've ever written, plenty of creepy atmosphere and a breakdown that fucking pops.

2. "Ball Tongue"

As the second song on Korn's 1994 self-titled debut, "Ball Tongue" isn't a deep cut in terms of its track placement, but it certainly gets shorted when people talk about that album's highlights. While cuts like "Shoots and Ladders," "Faget" and "Blind" are perhaps more viscerally gripping, "Ball Tongue" is a positively batshit song with a crushing bounce and one of Davis' most unhinged vocal performances. Justice for "Ball Tongue."

1. "Justin"

Again, Follow the Leader is full of bangers, and if "Justin" were on any other Korn album then it would likely be regarded as a quintessential standout. Appearing during said LP's final third, it immediately steps on the gas with a seething "Fuck all that bullshit," and then busts into a breakdown that was made to make heads wobble from side to side while the Caddy hydraulics bounce. It's a damn-near perfect Korn song.