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Fan Poll: Top 5 Music Videos of 2018

'Halloween' homages, blood-orgy dance parties, prison circle pits and more
Ghost "Rats"

Last week we unveiled our list of the best music videos of 2018, which contained an eclectic mix of heavy music insanity: from rampaging shlongs and beautiful black-metal crucifixions to nightmarish cults and metal's own "Thriller." But we wanted to know what kept you, our trusty readers, glued to your screens this past year. So we put out the call, bands rallied their troops (wassup Attila) and we tallied the results. Below, see your picks for the best music visuals of 2018. 

5. Ice Nine Kills - "Stabbing in the Dark"

Ice Nine Kills' issued a love letter to horror movies with their latest album The Silver Scream, which featured songs inspired by classic fright flicks. Fittingly, when the time came for the band to make a video for the Halloween-themed "Stabbing in the Dark," the crew essentially shot a horror short of its own. After singer Spencer Charnas goes through a lengthy therapy session, we're transported into a dream-like scene where he's an inmate and goes on a killing spree. Then the "shadow man" appears — clearly more than a wink and a nod to Michael Meyers — and a terrifically gory spree plays out. 

4. Slipknot - "All Out Life"

It's clear that 2019 is going to be a big year for Slipknot, which they signaled big time with the Halloween surprise drop of new song "All Out Life." Its accompanying video is in every way an excellent distillation of what makes the band so appealing to many, from their intense sound to compelling visual aesthetic. It takes place in a grimy-as-fuck prison with a bunch of crazed Slipknot-logo-clad inmates going nuts, getting gnarly and starting a circle pit. It all culminates with an explosion of blood, flames and some good old-fashioned chaos to end things right. 

3. Ghost - "Dance Macabre"

With the video for "Dance Macabre," Ghost upped their already renowned theatricality by introduced disco dancers into the mix to round out the tale of instantaneous passion between a burgeoning Papa/Cardinal figure and his unholy matrimony to presumably a young Sister Imperator. In this Zev Deans-directed love story, the neon black mass wedding aesthetic culminates in a bloody blessing by the goat-headed priest, ending with a telling wink from the handsome protagonist. A true throwback to days when videos were a band's greatest means of exposure, the clip is expertly produced and endlessly re-watchable.

2. Attila - "Pizza"

Attila could very well be the most ridiculous heavy band going right now, and it's something the act owns in the video for "Pizza" — an insane song that features singer Fronz dropping verses about all the kinds of pizza he fucks with, while a mix of metalcore and power metal play behind him. Fronz and the boys are clearly living their best life in a big-ass house, grilling slices, eating them in a pool, and not giving a damn about the aliens that are flying by. It ends with a completely aggro breakdown where Fronz plants his flag forever: pineapple does not belong on pizza. It's a good message, and a good video.  

1. Ghost - "Rats"

With their second showing on this list, Ghost prove yet again they are masters of the modern music-video format with the slick, flashy "Rats." Featuring the dashing and clever Cardinal Copia dancing his way through a bloody plague scene while nameless ghouls pound away at their instruments inside a mausoleum, the clip peaks when rat-bitten zombies rise from their body bags to join the Cardinal in his jubilant, evil dance. Real rodents crawl into the ghastly scene as a red-eyed white horse appears to whisk the singer away from the carnage. The video was the first for the group's Prequelle album cycle and an important step toward understanding the fully conceptualized Ghost universe as it reveals itself slowly throughout the band's career.