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Fan Poll: Top 5 Party Metal Bands

See which ragers you picked above Andrew W.K. and Pantera
andrew wk i get wet cover art
Andrew W.K. on the cover of 'I Get Wet'

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Although metal is commonly associated with one emotion in particular — anger — there's also a whole cadre of bands who either sing about having a good time or make the perfect music for doing so. Sure, metal's heavy riffs and cathartic vocal deliveries are especially suited for workout motivation and sober headbanging sessions, but sometimes you just need a soundtrack for letting loose and living it up. With that in mind, we asked you all to shout out your favorite band for partying hard. Below, are the top five vote-getters.

5. Municipal Waste

These crossover thrash hooligans played their first show at a New Year's Eve kegger where they were allegedly blamed for inciting a small riot. In other words, Municipal Waste were literally born from partying, and throughout their 20-year history they've continued to live up to that badass origin story. The music video for their 2017 ripper "Breathe Grease" features them jamming at a raucous shindig where people are jet-skiing in a kiddie pool and doing motorcycle donuts indoors. Legends.

4. Pantera

Unlike some of the other bands on this list, Pantera didn't base their entire creative image around partying, but god knows these guys knew how to have a good time. The groove-metal godfathers — featuring a guitar hero notably nicknamed "Dimebag" with his own signature drink, the Black Tooth Grin — were infamous for downing alcohol like water and causing all sorts of shenanigans on tour and in the studio. After all, this is the band that claimed in song that "the secret of eternal youth" is "whiskey, weed and Slayer," and they walked the walk.

3. Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K. is the patron saint of party metal. His 2001 debut, I Get Wet, is a sacred text for all of us "living in the red," and the man is notorious for eccentric live shows that treat the act of partying like a religious experience. For his new album, aptly titled, God Is Partying, he appears to be imparting his fast-life wisdom to ragers beyond this mortal plane. We'll see if the big man upstairs can keep up when the beers start flowing.

2. Steel Panther

Hair metal's sinful heyday may be squarely in the rearview, but Steel Panther have kept that scandalous torch burning throughout the 21st century. Even though the L.A. rockers' whole shtick is parodying the larger-than-life cock-rock antics of the Eighties, these guys still know how to throw down and their music is the perfect soundtrack for a night of righteous debauchery. 

1. Mötley Crüe

Mötley Crüe's insatiable appetite for drinks, drugs and sexual partners is arguably more iconic than their actual music. Their countless stories about wrecking hotel rooms, swallowing light bulbs out of boredom, rubbing burritos on their junk to cover up the scent of sex and getting absolutely fucking loaded at all hours of the day are relics from a lost era of rock & roll overindulgence. No one ever went as hard as they did, and no one likely ever will again — which is probably for the best.