For Fans of Evanescence: See Vajra's Passionate Video for "Crown or Crucify" | Revolver

For Fans of Evanescence: See Vajra's Passionate Video for "Crown or Crucify"

New York hard rockers explore divine femininity and sexuality in new visual

Vajra are a band from New York who play a breed of emotional hard-rock that fans of Evanescence, The Pretty Reckless, Seether and more will definitely get a kick out of. Earlier this year, they dropped a new EP called Irkalla, which was their first release since 2012.

One of the songs on that project is called "Crown or Crucify," and today we're happy to be premiering its brand new music video. 

Musically, the track oscillates between tender verses that explode outward during the choruses with crunchy guitars and frontwoman Annamaria Pinna's robust vocal delivery. It's powerful, catchy and sentimental all at once, and its video captures all of those elements visually. 

In between shots of the band performing in a candlelit room, Pinna is seen exploring love and passion with imagery that references the classic hero myth, The Descent of Inanna. Watch it above via YouTube. 

"I was with someone I was planning on being with for the rest of my life," Pinna explains of the meaning behind the song. "This person turned out to be someone different from who he said he was. In hindsight, he was just different from who I thought he was. I was attached to the image I created of him. 

"Love is like grabbing water with your closed fist," she continues. "You can't. It goes where it goes, and your attempted possession of it will only bury you.  What is the relationship between love and sacrifice?  Between sacrifice and surrender? What do we sacrifice for our partners so they can find the threads that weave them into fuller, more connected beings? What do they sacrifice for us? I was exploring these concepts in 'Crown Or Crucify' after surfacing from that relationship."

Irkalla is out now and can be purchased on vinyl here.