For Fans of Gojira: Hear Hippotraktor's Massive New Song "Mover of Skies" | Revolver

For Fans of Gojira: Hear Hippotraktor's Massive New Song "Mover of Skies"

Belgium prog-metal unit conjure alpine vastness on latest single

Hippotraktor are a band from Belgium who make the sort of thunderous prog-metal that sounds like it was forged at the peak of a mountaintop. Chiseling riffs, drums that hit hard enough to cause an avalanche and vocals that alternate between soaring and roaring — the sort of singing one does before a battle against flaming dragon beasts. 

They have a new record called Meridian that's coming out next month via the German powerhouse Pelagic Records, and today (September 9th), we're stoked to be premiering their crushing new song, "Mover of Skies" 

The six-minute cut is comparable to the sound of bands like Gojira and Crack the Skye-era Mastodon — groups who, like Hippotraktor, use their advanced technical chops to make their songs sound as big and memorable as possible, not to be show-offs. 

That sort of chunky prog-metal makes up the bulk of "Mover of Skies," but there's also some intense screaming in the middle that recalls the raspy shriek of the Devil Wears Prada's Mike Hranica, shooting a warm-blooded jolt into the supernaturally large instrumentation. Take a listen above while you watch its accompanying video. 

"Without any proof for the existence of some type of ancient creators, the protagonist turns to the elements to find his answers," explains singer-percussionist Stefan De Graef. "He assigns intelligence to the wind and voices his admiration and humility for its ambivalence, being both the sculptor of the enchanting landscapes that surround him as well as their destroyer."

He continues, "In the first part of the track, he expresses his gratitude for all the beauty the wind has created, leaving its marks and ripples onto the soil. In the second part, the atmosphere shifts and he challenges the wind to show its true force and to reign havoc on himself in order to truly experience it in all its glory."

Meridian is out October 15th and is available for pre-order here.