For Fans of Gojira: Hear Irist's Monstrous New Post-Metal Song "Heal" | Revolver

For Fans of Gojira: Hear Irist's Monstrous New Post-Metal Song "Heal"

Atlanta band return with devastatingly heavy new banger

A couple years back, Revolver HQ became enamored with the post-metal up-and-comers, Irist, whose 2020 album on Nuclear Blast was one of the most promising debuts of the year. Originating from South America but based in Atlanta, the band's sound exists within the same sonic hemisphere as earth-rumbling groups like Gojira and Mastodon, particularly their new song, "Heal," which we're stoked to be premiering today (August 16th).

The track features multiple movements that glide between cannon-blasting drums doused with streaky guitar shredding, guttural bellows over mountain-moving groove-metal riffs, and slightly more atmospheric bridges that inflect their sound with a tasteful sense of melody. "Heal" will appear on the band's new EP, Gloria, that's out next month, but crank the song above via YouTube to hear what you're in for. 

"When we wrote 'Heal,' I was trying to describe our inability as humans to face reality," singer Rodrigo Carvalho said in a statement. "My own dealing with pain and loss was what inspired me to write these lyrics. I never know what people may get out of my lyrics, but I hope that it particularly connects with those going through a rough patch in life."

Gloria is out September 16th via Nuclear Blast and is available for pre-saving on streaming here