For Fans of Knocked Loose and Nails: Hear Heriot's New Crusher "Dispirit" | Revolver

For Fans of Knocked Loose and Nails: Hear Heriot's New Crusher "Dispirit"

U.K. band crosses volcanic metalcore with back-breaking sludge

Heriot have only released three songs and they're already one of the most promising young bands in modern metalcore. Back in January, we dubbed the U.K. quartet's second crusher, "Recreant," one of our favorite songs of the week, and now we're premiering the unsettling video for their demolishing new track, "Dispirit."

Heriot muster their gargantuan sound by soldering together volcanic metalcore à la Code Orange, Vein and Boundaries with the back-breaking heaviness of sludge. "Dispirit" is chock-full of forceful mosh parts that stay true to hardcore's propulsive groove while also ringing out like a Primitive Man song, thus creating an overwhelming wash of bludgeoning might. The focal point is the terrifically hellish push-pull between vocalist-guitarist Debbie Gough's shrieking highs and vocalist-bassist Jake Packer's bellowing lows, but the band also find room for some moody alt-metal bridges and the type of scorching guitar solo you don't usually hear in this style of music. Listen while you watch the band thrash about in the YouTube video above.

"Lyrically, the track speaks of how having a highly regarded status can be manipulated and abused, allowing [someone] to appear to live two lives," drummer Julian Gage said in a statement. "This is a topic that rings true with all of us, if it's not something you've come across personally, it is something you can agree is evident and all around us in some way. Only when the abuser is exposed, do they face justice: 'Deceiver, It's too late for cowards truth.' This song is a call straight to the manipulator."