For Fans of NIN and Ministry: See President Evil's Bonkers Video for "Fear" | Revolver

For Fans of NIN and Ministry: See President Evil's Bonkers Video for "Fear"

Show Me the Body bassist goes industrial metal with badass solo project

On Halloween of last year, Show Me the Body bassist Harlan Steed released his self-titled debut as President Evil. The Queens artist is best known for his blown-out bass riffs and wicked noise textures in the banjo-wielding hardcore unit, but President Evil is his personal playground for experimentation of all varieties. One of the best songs on last year's album is a two-minute burner called "Fear," and today, we're proud to premiere its totally bonkers CGI music video. 

As a song, "Fear" falls somewhere between the creepy atmospheres of classic industrial bands like Killing Joke and Nine Inch Nails and the haunted house joyrides of a figure like Rob Zombie. The metallic textures sound like field recordings from a hellish dentist's office, while Steed's alternately muttery and screechy vocals are as intensely unsettling as they are downright rockin'. 

It's accompanying video takes things in an even wilder direction. The CGI animation looks like a compilation of cut scenes from a horror video game, with flashing colors, a mad scientist and spooky cyber-spiders that break loose to cause mayhem. Check out the full experience above via YouTube. 

"'Fear' is probably my favorite and most revelatory song on the album, President Evil," Steed tells us. "It captures the essence and qualities of the entire record. Each song was its own unique process, but 'Fear' required an element of each and every experiment." 

Check out the full President Evil album here