For Fans of NIN, Ghostemane: See Salem Vex's Freaky New "Anathema" Video | Revolver

For Fans of NIN, Ghostemane: See Salem Vex's Freaky New "Anathema" Video

One-half of Bloodbather goes solo on industrial-metal banger

Salem Vex is one-half of the industrialized metalcore duo Bloodbather, whose South Floridian take on 2010s Warped Tour 'core inked them a deal with Rise Records, who issued their 2020 Silence EP. While Salem has amassed plenty of fans through that project, he's also a formidable soloist, and today we're proud to be premiering the freakish video for his gnashing new industrial-metal ripper, "Anathema." 

The track is in the vein of industrial legends like Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy, but has a distinctly modern feel akin to acts like Youth Code, Ghostemane, and more. Watch its terrifying music video — co-directed by Salem and Bobby Keegan of Afflux Studios — above via YouTube. 

As for the meaning behind this song, Salem says he chose the title and theme because he saw himself in the definition of "anathema" — an excommunicated person or "someone that one vehemently dislikes." 

"My childhood was contaminated with monotheistic religion and the growing pressure to conform blindly without questioning their beliefs," Salem says. "With time, I lost my faith. I came to the realization that the god that was taught to me was detrimental to my morality. If he was as they say, I didn't want to be accepted by him or the world that praises him out of fear or to promote their bigotry."