For Fans of Slowdive: Hear SONYA's Catchy New Shoegaze Song "Vibes" | Revolver

For Fans of Slowdive: Hear SONYA's Catchy New Shoegaze Song "Vibes"

Ben Weinman-approved Budapest band drop latest single

SONYA are a band from Budapest, Hungary, whose music exists somewhere in the liminal space between shoegaze, post-rock and moody alt-rock. At once dreamy, pretty and towering, the group, fronted by singer-songwriter Sonya Korbucz, have a sweet and atmospheric sound that's perfect to throw on in between long stretches of noisy metal to give your ear-drums a rest, and their new song "Vibes" will definitely get that job done.

It's a little sparser and less overtly shoegaze-y than some of SONYA's previous material, but it's built around a fascinating, finger-picked guitar lick that explodes into a shuffling, brisk rhythm during the chorus. It's right in the wheelhouse for fans of classic shoegaze bands like Slowdive, Lush and Chapterhouse, and you can catch the world premiere of "Vibes" and its music video above via YouTube. 

"I wrote this song a one-and-a-half years ago and would have never thought it will be recorded in a year among such great circumstances," Korbucz says. "The song itself is about a 'little happy moment' when you meet someone randomly at a concert or anywhere, there is a spark, you lock eyes, but neither of you would make a move, because of various reasons.

"But I'm happy I don't talk about them in this song, I stay on the surface, basically describing a situation as it is, then a little imaginary conversation in your head with the person, 'can't you follow that vibe between us.' You imagine having a great time together, and then life goes on."

The track will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday November 11th.