For fans of TOOL: See MEDIA's bizarre new video for mind-bending song "M.E.6" | Revolver

For fans of TOOL: See MEDIA's bizarre new video for mind-bending song "M.E.6"

Phoenix band of "extra-dimensional spillage" have major MJK vibes

Media's band name may be deceptively simple, but their music isn't. Emerging from the vast sands of Arizona's Sonoran desert, the three-piece call themselves "extra-dimensional spillage resembling a rock band," and their 2022 EP, Influence (Media - Influence, get it?), is comprised of four wiggy prog-metal compositions that fans of TOOL, A Perfect Circle or any other Maynard James Keenan-associated project should sink their claws into immediately. 

Today (May 2nd), we're stoked to be premiering the bizarrely captivating music video for "M.E.6," the closing track on Influence that does a great job summing up Media's uniqely heady, pleasantly tongue-in-cheek appeal. 

In it, the three band members, donning Kraftwerk-ian suits and sunglasses, perform in the desert while extra-terrestrial imagery surrounds them. It's a fittingly oblique complement to the angular, unpredictable, yet strangely hooky song, and we're all for it. Watch above via YouTube. 

"Our world may or may not be going through the beginning stages of its sixth mass extinction caused by divisive idea pathogens," the band say. "So we decided to film our music video and watch the sun set from another planet. It was nice to get away for a while."

Influence is out now and available for purchase via the band's Bandcamp