For Fans of Trial, Bane: See Rejection Pact's Fiery Video for New Song "Hollow Ethos" | Revolver

For Fans of Trial, Bane: See Rejection Pact's Fiery Video for New Song "Hollow Ethos"

First single from Idaho hardcore band's new album 'Can We Wait?'

"Boise on top" has become a common refrain in hardcore these days. Idaho's capital city is currently a surprising hotspot for rowdy shows and tough new bands like Ingrown, Witness Chamber and Rejection Pact, the latter of whom are gearing up to release their new album, Can We Wait?, this November via Safe Inside Records. 

Unlike some of their heavier scene-mates, Rejection Pact's sound reignites the spirit of early 2000s west coast bands like the Hope Conspiracy and Carry On, while also incorporating some of the frenetic melody of Bane and the hyper-political lyricism of Trial. Their new song, "Hollow Ethos," is a riotous and catchy call to action that packs in tons of urgent yells and fist-in-the-air drum beats, but also sprawls out with a tasty guitar solo and a rowdy pile-on section.

Its video that we're premiering today (October 13th) was shot, edited and directed by AJ Duthie and features cool scenes of the band performing before a wall of TV's, and a narrative throughline of a couch-locked punk getting the urge to spring up and flyer the town with a message of imminence. Classic hardcore themes done in fresh fashion. Watch and listen above via YouTube. 

"The song 'Hollow Ethos' is about the characteristics and spirit of the United States," says vocalist Devin Boudreaux. "Whether it's the celebration and rationalization of state sanctioned violence, social structures put in place to benefit/hurt certain people or groups, fear, using human rights as marketing slogans and a way to secure votes, etc. Everything feels so hollow and everything is so hypocritical. It's nothing new and it's really hard to imagine how sustainable this is long term."

Can We Wait? is out on streaming November 11th, and physical pre-orders will begin tomorrow, Friday October 14th, here