For Fans of YOB and Neurosis: Hear Agnes Vein's Crushing "Vultures Hymn" | Revolver

For Fans of YOB and Neurosis: Hear Agnes Vein's Crushing "Vultures Hymn"

Greek power trio blend doom, black-metal and post-metal on eight-minute epic

Agnes Vein are a Greek blackened doom band who've been doing the damn thing for 20 years, but don't let that sway you into thinking their catalog has a high barrier to entry. Their upcoming record, Deathcall,is only their third LP overall, and whether you've been following them since the beginning or are just hopping on now, their new song "Vultures Hymn" that we're premiering today is just plain awesome. 

On this near-eight-minute banger, Agnes Vein are constantly cradling numerous metal styles with one brush stroke. Guitarist-vocalist Sakis Kioses' highly reverbed, mountain-man roars are classic doom and the streaky guitar whirrs add a dash of black-metal emotion, but the whole thing trudges forward at a plodding post-metal chug that adds some serious weight. Listen above via YouTube. 

"'Vultures Hymn' is one of the most straightforward songs we've ever written both musically and lyrically," the band tells us. "It deals with the simple yet very effective concept of killing each other for the authoritarian well being. Music wise, it echoes elements from the band's doom metal roots without sacrificing the extremity of our later works".

Deathcall is out December 17th via Venerate Industries and is available for pre-order here.