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Fever From the Sky: Hear Bruce Lamont Team With Jeff Wilson on New Gothy Songs

Yakuza, Chrome Waves alums join forces for Sisters of Mercy–meets–Killing Joke sound

The greater Chicago metal brain trust has, over the years, brought us bands like Wolvhammer, Twilight, Bloodiest, the Atlas Moth, Indian, Buried at Sea, Yakuza, Corrections House and more, with musicians weaving their way in and out of the bands and sometimes being replaced by their fellow Chi-town peers.

It's a smaller scene, which means plenty of collaboration back and forth, and lots of interesting experimentalism into new territory. Jeff Wilson (ex-Wolvhammer, current Chrome Waves et al) called Chicago home for many years, crossing paths with the venerable Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, etc) many times during his tenure, and, to an outsider, it seemed like just a matter of time before the pair collaborated. The time has come and the band is Fever From the Sky.

Lamont and Wilson's collaboration is a goth-leaning entity who's opening track "Ode to War" kicks off like a Sisters of Mercy jam before going full on Eighties Killing Joke. Notes of the Cure, the ambiance of Christian Death and other influences make their presence known along the way, but the common theme is urgency and fiery paranoia. "Final Divide" feels heavily retrospective and darkly beautiful, with Lamont's croon taking center stage and Wilson's instrumentation punctuating it all. Stream both tracks above for the first time.