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Flyleaf Reunite With Original Vocalist Lacey Sturm

Band are playing next year's Sick New World nu-metal festival
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There's big news over in camp Flyleaf. The alt-metal band have reunited with original vocalist Lacey Strurm, who previously left the group in 2012 and was replaced by singer Kristen May, who then left the group in 2016. Flyleaf had been on hiatus ever since.

Now, Sturm is back in the band, and they're currently set to debut their reconstituted lineup at next year's Sick New World music festival, a giant nu-metal event in Vegas that's features System of a Down, Korn, Deftones, Incubus, Evanescence and dozens more bands.

So far, neither Sturm herself nor Flyleaf the band have formally explained the singer's reunion with the group. They've only posted teasers of the news on social media that confirm Sturm's return to the band, but don't offer up any more details.

Back in 2012, just a week before their third album, New Horizons, was released, Sturm announced that she was stepping down from the band to focus on her newborn son. May took over lead vocals that same year and recorded one album with the band, 2014's Between the Stars, before ultimately leaving in 2016 to spend more time with her family.

Since then, Flyleaf had been inactive, but now, with the return of Sturm and a high-profile show announced for next year, who knows what the future has in-store. See the band's posts confirming Sturm's reunion below.