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Former Ghost Members Lose Lawsuit Against Tobias Forge

Musicians ordered to pay Forge's 1.3 million Kronor legal bill
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The long-running lawsuit between four former members of the group Ghost and bandleader Tobias Forge has finally reached a conclusion — though the saga may not be over. Simon Söderberg, Mauro Rubinho, Henrik Palm and Martin Hjertstedt took Forge to court over claims that he withheld wages and allowances from them for several years, and they requested that he provide documentation of the band's revenue and expenses from 2011 to 2016. The four also alleged that a partnership was in place to distribute proceeds from the group, which Forge has denied.

The former "nameless ghouls" say they were paid nothing in 2012, though they eventually received some residual income. They were reportedly offered legally binding deals in 2016, but refused to sign, seeing them as "slave contracts." According to Metal Hammer, the court found that while Forge, Söderberg, Rubinho, Palm and Hjertstedt all agreed to play together and perform live shows, there was not enough evidence to suggest a business relationship. Unfortunately for the last four musicians' bank accounts, as a result of losing their case against the Ghost frontman, they have been ordered to pay Forge's legal fees totaling 1.3 million Swedish Kronor (approximately $145,000 USD). Metal Hammer reports the four have three weeks to appeal the ruling.