Fred Durst Brings "Dad Vibes" to Lollapalooza: See Limp Bizkit's Wild Full Set | Revolver

Fred Durst Brings "Dad Vibes" to Lollapalooza: See Limp Bizkit's Wild Full Set

"Let me make this clear — this is not Woodstock '99. Fuck all that bullshit."

This past weekend was a big one for Limp Bizkit. On Saturday, the nu-metal luminaries played to tens of thousands of people at Chicago's Lollapalooza festival, during which frontman Fred Durst unleashed a new look that pretty much broke the internet.

Going down in the wake of HBO's new Woodstock '99 documentary, which centered Bizkit's infamously violent set as the festival's problematic nucleus, Durst and Co. were back in the zeitgeist as they thrashed on-stage to classics like "Rollin'," "Nookie" and, of course, "Break Stuff."

"Let me make this clear, this is not Woodstock '99. Fuck all that bullshit," Durst quipped with irreverent self-awareness as he introduced the tune about having "one of those days." "But what this is, is me and you having a party like it is 1999 in this motherfucker."

The crowd ate it up, but for once, the most bewildering element of their set wasn't guitarist Wes Borland's eccentric outfit — which he was donning proudly — but Durst's shocking new getup. Instead of rocking the backwards Yankees cap and goatee that he's known for, the vocalist was sporting what appeared to be a wavy, gray-colored toupee, a gray handlebar mustache, oversized red aviators, gray chinos, a button-down shirt and a brown rain jacket.

In other words, he looked like a typical middle-class dad on his way into the office, which was fitting because the band also ended their set with playback of a new track that's literally called "Dad Vibes." Welcome to the new era of Limp Bizkit, folks.

Watch the full set above via YouTube.