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Full of Hell, Genocide Pact, Primitive Man: See Photos of Wild Show in NYC

Brooklyn Bazaar hosted cutting-edge showcase of modern extreme metal
full of hell VALENTINO 2019, Mark Valentino
Full of Hell, 2019
photograph by Mark Valentino

On Friday, June 14th, Full of Hell, Genocide Pact and Primitive Man rolled through New York City for a sold-out show at Brooklyn Bazaar that served as a sweaty, cathartic, dreadlock-whiplashing showcase of the cutting edge of extreme metal today. Primitive Man brought the punishing industrial sludge; Genocide Pact, the intelligent and yet ignorant-as-hell death metal; and Full of Hell, the unhinged, spasmodic death-grind-noise insanity that has made them one of the most buzzed-about names in the underground in recent years. Photographer Mark Valentino was there to catch the action — see some of his standout shots below.

primitive man g40a9899.jpg
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