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Gemini Syndrome Singer Recalls Bonding With Peter Steele Over Rice Krispies Treats

Aaron Nordstrom: "He was one of the most gracious rock icons"
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Courtesy of Gemini Syndrome

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There was no one quite like Type O Negative. They were four Brooklyn dudes who sprung up out of the city's extreme hardcore scene and evolved into legit (if tongue-and-cheek) goth metal icons. From their 1991 debut, Slow, Deep and Hard to 1993 breakout Bloody Kisses to their 2007 swan song Dead Again, frontman Peter Steele and the band cast a long shadow with their haunting music and inimitable, imposing presence.

Sadly, their influential career was cut short by the untimely death of Steele in 2010 — but the Drab Four's legacy carries on. Type O left the world with so many great songs that continue to inspire generations of gloom-loving, heavy-music fans. Among those is Aaron Nordstrom, singer of L.A. heavy metal crew Gemini Syndrome who also has some prized personal memories of Steele and his band. Below, Nordstrom reveals his favorite Type O Negative album and recounts the surreal experience of sharing Rice Krispies Treats with Steele.

"October Rust is my favorite Type O Negative album," says Nordstrom. "It came out the fall my father passed away, which was a particularly impactful time. I saw Type O many many times but one in particular stands out. After the show at the Vic in Chicago, I think, we waited outside the bus in the November cold with a handful of other people. Peter came out with a huge chunk of homemade Rice Krispies Treats. He stepped down and looked around and tossed it into the air. I looked up and lost sight of it, being visually impaired and all, and put my head down in defeat. The snack pod smacked me on top of the head and I instinctively put my arms out and caught it. Peter then took it from me, broke it in half and gave half to me. 

"I remember looking at him in awe and saying that we'd meet again, but I would be playing and not waiting by a bus. Sadly he passed away before I had that opportunity but he was one of the most gracious rock icons I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and breaking bread with."