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Gene Hoglan Says Dethklok Preparing New Album and Potential Tour

'Metalocalypse' band writing first full-length in 10 years
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Almost one year ago, Adult Swim announced that they were making a full feature-length Metalocalypse movie, which will mark the show's first piece of new content since it ended in 2013. We're still unsure when we'll be seeing more from everyone's favorite cartoon death-metal band, Dethklok, but it sounds like we'll be hearing from them in the not-too-distant future. In a new interview with Sobre La Dosis, Dethklok drummer Gene Hoglan said that a new Dethklok record is being written as we speak, and a tour supporting the new material — their first full-length since 2012's Dethalbum III — is in the works. 

The YouTube channel asked Hoglan what his next steps are in terms of his music career, and he took the opportunity to open up about the Dethklok plans he's been keeping under wraps. 

"One of the larger projects that's coming up really directly as well is Dethklok is working on a movie," he said. "So that's gonna entail some definite intent from me. You know, I'm deeply involved in that, so we're working on the next album, the soundtrack — well the movie doesn't quite have a soundtrack to it — but we're gonna have the movie, we're gonna have the album for Dethklok, and I would imagine some touring as well."

Again, no firm dates here, but more Dethklok content is underway and we couldn't be happier. Check out Hoglan's full interview below.