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Get Flattened by Death-Metal Pioneers Master's New Song "Replaced"

Even 35 years in, Paul Speckmann and crew are as hard as they come

There is no denying that Paul Speckmann is one of the true pioneers of death metal in the U.S. Formed by Speckmann in 1983 as a reaction to Motörhead, Venom and others, Chicago's Master was a more extreme answer to the then-blossoming thrash-metal scene, releasing a demo in 1985 and then a self-titled LP in 1990 almost in parallel with another death-metal project, Death Strike. Master offered up a new breed of darkness, like early Slayer crossed with Motörhead, a sound that leaned more toward punk's efficiency than metal's showier, solo-heavy approach. Master were mean, and only got meaner, as demonstrated by their latest single "Replaced," from their forthcoming LP, Vindictive Miscreant, on Transcending Obscurity.

"Replaced" is ya gritty, lightning-fast, d-beat–leaning death-metal track that starts with a knife to the throat and hits the gas from there. It's truly punk in approach, appealing to fans of everything from Anti-Cimex to Deviated Instinct to the aforementioned Motörhead, while acolytes of Nihilist, Venom and Midnight — three metal bands that also speak to the crust and crossover crews — will applaud it's mean-spirited attitude. This is one badass cut that proves that even 35 years in, you can still be the hardest motherfucker in the room. Stream it above.