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Ghost Concert Cut Short: "My Voice Is Completely Fucked"

Tobias Forge lost his voice and had to end their Hellfest set early

Ghost shows are a singular metallic spectacle for many reasons — the wild stage setup, the outfits, the songs, the energy — and all of that is made possible by the tireless effort frontman Tobias Forge puts into every set. The occult-rock mastermind almost never misses a beat, which is why it was a little bizarre (though completely understandable given his busy tour schedule) to see that Ghost had to cut their Hellfest set short over the weekend because Forge's voice was "completely fucked" by the end. 

The unexpected vocal issue occurred at the tail end of their headlining performance at the French metal fest the night of Saturday June 18th. Ghost had already unveiled the live debut of their Impera song, "Griftwood," and were prepared to conclude their 18-song set with the mighty "Square Hammer" — which they'd been closing every show with on their most recent tour — when suddenly Forge announced over seas of cheering that he and his band would be calling it a night. 

"My voice is completely fucked," he croaked over the massive roar of the crowd. "I cannot sing one other song for you."

At that point, the band had played 17 tracks spanning their entire catalog, and the audience had most likely gotten their fill of the band. But still, Forge isn't the type of guy to call off a set early, so hopefully his voice is alright and he just needed some rest after a particularly energetic show. 

See his message to the crowd above and check out the "Griftwood" live debut below.