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GHOST covered MISFITS, MOTÖRHEAD, RUSH for potential future release

'Phantomime' was initially supposed to be full album of covers
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Yesterday (April 9th), Ghost announced a new EP of covers, Phantomime, and dropped their take on Genesis' "Jesus He Knows Me," adding to the band's litany of re-imagined tracks. Along with "Jesus He Knows Me," Phantomime will feature covers of Television's "See No Evil," the Stranglers' "Hanging Around," Iron Maiden's "Phantom of the Opera" and Tina Turner's "We Don't Need Another Hero."

But as it turns out, Tobias Forge also has covers of Motörhead, Misfits, Rush and U2 songs in the bank, which were recorded because Phantomime was initially conceived of as a full album of covers. 


"During the demoing of Impera I kept working on demos for what I just referred to as the 'cover album'," Forge revealed during a new interview with NME. "Originally, the idea was to have 10 songs on this covers record, because I wanted to make a complete record and that LP was going to basically mirror Impera somehow ... Originally the selection was a little bit more eclectic. Look, I'm not going into great detail about them, because we might use some of them at a later point. But, it was basically like a piano version of a Motörhead song."

Forge added, "There was [also] a Misfits song that was really cool and a U2 track. We recorded it all. In fact, we did a really finished demo of Rush's 'Distant Early Warning', and then after Impera I was just like, 'I want to do a rock EP. A pure rock EP! … There were even instrumental covers; like proper instrumentals! But, I just wanted to basically make a new recording that was as opposed to Impera as could be – quick and fairly simple."