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GHOST tease that "Jesus Is Coming"

Cryptic billboards spotted in Hollywood
ghost_1_credit_jimmyhubbard.jpeg, Jimmy Hubbard
Ghost's Papa Emeritus IV, St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, Brooklyn, New York, 2022
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

Ghost have something brewing. Mastermind Tobias Forge has promised as much. "We're going to come out with a little bit of change before [Ghost tour again] — good change," he's said of the Swedish occult-rock troupe's 2023 plans. "We're not going to go silent. Some things are public, other things not in public view, but there are a lot of things brewing."

Now things appear to be heating up, as fans have spotted a huge billboard in Hollywood, California, bearing Papa Emeritus IV's face along with the cryptic caption "Jesus Is Coming." (See below.) What does it mean? Stay tuned.