Ghostemane's Black-Metal Project: Hear Baader-Meinhoff's Sinister New EP | Revolver

Ghostemane's Black-Metal Project: Hear Baader-Meinhoff's Sinister New EP

Three tracks of lo-fi grimness in the vein of Darkthrone and Burzum
ghostemane guitar crop, Akiva Alpert
photograph by Akiva Alpert

Self-described "transgenre" extreme-music artist Ghostemane is nothing if not prolific. Last year, he dropped a string of EPs spanning different styles, from raging hardcore to dreary acoustic rock to even drearier emo-rap. He also brought the cycle for his 2018 album N / O / I / S / E to a close and kicked off "a new visual era" with the stunning, gore-soaked animated music videos for the LP's "Gatteka" and "Bonesaw." Earlier this year, he announced his forthcoming full-length ANTI-ICON — a release date has yet to be revealed — and now, he's dropped the latest release from his cryptic, lo-fi black-metal project Baader-Meinhoff. The EP features three blistering cuts, "Evil Lives," Stuck in the Hard Place" and "To the Grave," which harken back to the kvlt, DIY sounds of early Darkthrone and Burzum. Blast it below.

In his Revolver cover story manifesto "Through the Frame," Ghoste hailed Darkthrone among his core influences. "You probably know some of my heroes, they're not hard to find," he wrote. "They're the architects, the nomads that paved the path for people like me who see the plastic mask of polite society and want to rip it off and expose what's really underneath. Nine Inch Nails. Slipknot. Gesaffelstein. Front 242. Outkast. Three 6 Mafia. Darkthrone. Hivemind. Korn."