Godzilla Meets Pound Puppies: Watch Angel Du$t's Crazy New Animated Video "Five" | Revolver

Godzilla Meets Pound Puppies: Watch Angel Du$t's Crazy New Animated Video "Five"

Turnstile/Trapped Under Ice supergroup deliver another wild-ass time with latest 'Pretty Buff' clip

Listening to Angel Du$t's new record Pretty Buff is basically mainlining happiness into your veins. Each song provides a crazy-fun mix of hardcore, pop, and straight up rock & roll that's infectious and extremely satisfying to listen to. Today (March 20th), the band — Justice Tripp (Vocals), Daniel Fang (Drums), Pat McCrory (Guitars/Vocals), Brendan Yates (Guitars/Vocals), and Jeff Caffey (Bass) — has expanded their happy-as-hell vision with a new animated video for album closer "Five." It follows nicely with what the other videos have done, by prominently featuring a dog, and now showing an animated version of the character on the cover. We follow the character and their dog as they have a pretty whack-ass day, getting evicted, stuck in the rain, and a bag snatched by a disembodied hand. As if that wasn't lame enough, the album-guy sees their significant other with someone else, and the dog gets taken in by the pound!

The only natural response, of course, is to blow up to Godzilla-like proportions and take everyone out. Our pal starts wreaking havoc on everything around them, throwing punches at people who knocked into them, scaring their sweetie's new beau, and crushing that damn hand under a bunch of rocks. Eventually, they go after the dog catcher, and get their homie back, restoring all peace and shrinking back to a reasonable size. Next time someone messes with you, remember you can grow up to ten times your normal size and take a ton of revenge.