Greg Puciato's "F#ck Content": See Video for New Song "Absence as a Presence" | Revolver

Greg Puciato's "F#ck Content": See Video for New Song "Absence as a Presence"

An exclusive clip from virtual event

Greg Puciato's virtual event "Fuck Content" — which premieres tonight, December 11th — isn't your typical livestream show. It's a full-on release, featuring four new songs. As he told us recently, Puciato was working on "little interlude sections" for the concert film, but they wanted to be more. "These four new song, I'm just so geeked on," he enthused. "I don't know where the fuck they came from."

One of those new songs is "Absence as a Presence," a dynamic cut that captures Puciato's high-variance range in vivid motion: the sultry croon, the vein-bulging rage, shimmering shoegaze, crashing guitars. The song premiered on Sirius-XM yesterday, but today Puciato has teamed with Revolver to unveil the video clip from "Fuck Content" that accompanies the song. The behind-the-scenes footage sees him and drummer Chris Hornbrook (Poison the Well) recording "Absence as a Presence" in the studio. Watch and listen above.

Tickets for "Fuck Content," as well as a selection of limited-edition merchandise exclusive to attendees, are available now via Merch items include limited-edition black and red marble vinyl (250 copies), a blu-ray version of "Fuck Content," a signed and numbered commemorative poster, and various Jesse Draxler-designed pieces. The stream debuts tonight at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET and will remain on-demand for the following 48 hours.