Guitars to H.R. Giger: See Korn's Backstage Prep for 'Follow the Leader' Shows | Revolver

Guitars to H.R. Giger: See Korn's Backstage Prep for 'Follow the Leader' Shows

Band continues celebrating album's 20th anniversary with fourth video for revamped 'Korn TV 2.0' series

In the latest installment of Korn TV 2.0, the goofball antics and backstage shenanigans give way to a moment where singer Jonathan Davis explains a bit behind the H.R. Giger microphone stand he's used since commissioning the piece directly from the artist way back in 2000. As a roadie polishes the erotic sculpture's more intimate parts, Davis encourages "That bitch ass better shine! That's what I look at the whole show," before getting deeper into the story behind the infamous stage prop.

"He passed away — the mold was busted, so there's only three. One in his bar, the Giger bar in Greyerz, and one and two [gestures to his microphone stands]. He named that one 'Her Majesty's Voice,' but I named her 'The Bitch.' That's just more me."

Several years before his death in 2014, Giger himself recalled the experience behind creating the stand on his website, saying, "He (Davis) told me I had complete freedom to design the microphone stand as I wanted and his only concern was that it had be totally functional and as movable as possible. He also wanted it be Biomechanical and very erotic." The resulting stand is a gorgeous feminine alien form perfectly in line with Giger's body of sculptural work.

The rest of the episode focuses on performance footage woven into clips of the band signing a guitar, joking it will add "about three fiddy" to the instrument's worth. Davis chimes in with more memories of the recording of Follow The Leader and the anniversary performances over the last few months and finishes off recognizing the album as one many fans connected to growing up: "It was a great experience to relive all that."