Hear 3TEETH Team With Ho99o9 on New Industrial-Metal Banger "Paralyze" | Revolver

Hear 3TEETH Team With Ho99o9 on New Industrial-Metal Banger "Paralyze"

Fiery track inspired by "visionless future" and "cultural schizophrenia"

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For years, L.A. industrialists 3TEETH have been churning out mechanized bangers that simultaneously draw from post-apocalyptic science fiction and the socio-political decay of real life. It's been two years since their 2019 full-length, METAWAR, and nearly a year since they packaged their two covers from the extreme action flick Guns Akimbo into a 7-inch, but now they're back with some serious heat.

Today (August 6th), the band led by the eccentric Alexis Mincolla have unleashed a clattering new song called "Paralyze" that taps electrifying rap-punk duo Ho99o9 for a feature. The lovably chaotic, industrial-metal slapper is slated to appear on a yet-to-be-announced album that's produced by sound designer Mick Gordon, best known as the composer for the DOOM video game franchise.

That's all they're revealing for now, but we have the gift of "Paralyze" and its high-intensity video to tide us over. Watch it above via YouTube.

"Everyone seems to be heading into a visionless future and unable to do anything about it," frontman Alexis Mincolla said of the song's meaning. "The paralysis seems to be contagious as we all know things have to change, but it seems easier to imagine the end of the world then it does actual change at this point."

He continued, "The media-induced tribalism keeps us in a gridlocked state of cultural schizophrenia as we continue to be trapped in the shadow of our progress. This song was aiming to reflect the frustrations and the horror that we all experience in our current state of waking sleep paralysis these days."

Stay tuned for more info on 3TEETH's upcoming album, and catch them on tour this fall with Cradle of Filth and Once Human.