Hear ACID KING's freaky new doom crusher "Destination Psych/Beyond Vision" | Revolver

Hear ACID KING's freaky new doom crusher "Destination Psych/Beyond Vision"

From San Francisco doom vets' first full-length since 2015

San Francisco doom vets, Acid King, are returning later this year with their first full-length since 2015. Titled Beyond Vision, the band helmed by low-and-slow maestro, Lori S., are billing the new LP as their most psychedelic yet, and judging by the sound of its expansive lead single, "Destination Psych/Beyond Vision" — which we're premiering today (January 17th) — fans are in for a helluva trip with this collection. 

The near-eight-minute single taps into the hazy, muffled churn that they helped pioneer throughout the Nineties, but there's an added dose of trippiness in the way the specter-like vocals float in the mix, and the dual guitar/bass solo that closes out the tune is more bluesy than bashing. Listen while you watch its music video above via YouTube. 

"The band was never really that psychedelic, but this is definitely more trippy because we've got keyboards and synthesizers," Lori said of the new record's sound. "That's something we've never had before on Acid King records. The songs really have no beginning or ending—they all just flow into each other. It's meant to be listened to as one piece. The whole point was to have the listener feel like they're on a journey. If you put headphones on, it'll take you to whatever places you'd like to go to.

Beyond Vision is out March 24th via Blues Funeral Recordings, and you can pre-order it now. Peep the cover art below. 

Acid King Beyond Vision cover art