Hear Actor / Observer's New Post-Hardcore Crusher "Well Being" | Revolver

Hear Actor / Observer's New Post-Hardcore Crusher "Well Being"

From forthcoming 7-inch, 'One Another,' due this fall via Party Smasher Inc.

Continuing the tradition of emotionally brutal hardcore for which Boston is known (See American Nightmare, HopeCon, etc), Actor / Observer strike a balance between heavy breakdowns and post-hardcore melodicism. The group is about to drop a limited-edition 7-inch, One Another, on November 17th via Ben Weinman's Party Smasher Inc. — and today Actor / Observer has teamed up with Revolver to premiere "Well Being," from that release. 

The cut starts with the supremely wet-with-reverb guitars that play out like an aching post-rock tune, while vocalist Greg Marquis alternates between brutal neck-vein bulging screams and emotionally harrowing cleaner moments, making way for dramatic heaves and retreats in the name of post-hardcore. Fans of Thrice and Quicksand will recognize the approach, and welcome it with open arms.

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11-11 Bloomington, IL The Bubble Bowl
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