Hear ALL OUT WAR's devastating new album 'Celestial Rot' | Revolver

Hear ALL OUT WAR's devastating new album 'Celestial Rot'

Upstate NYHC vets have never sounded heavier on their latest opus

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Whether they like to admit it or not, bands in extreme music typically get less heavy the longer they've been around — either because the players soften with age, their musical preferences change or they want to take the band in a new direction. Let it be known: All Out War are not one of those bands.

The Newburgh, NY, unit have been one of the heaviest bands in hardcore for nearly 30 years running, and the music they're making now is arguably more crushing than the mayhem-inducing albums they built their name on two decades back. Their new record, Celestial Rot, is 25 minutes of sheer sonic devastation that can compete with the ferocity of any other modern act, and we're stoked to be premiering it today (January 31st) ahead of its official release later this week. 

The songs on this record see All Out War writing and performing at the top of their game. Long before it was as commonplace as it is today, their sound has always been strongly influenced by death metal, but Celestial Rot draws so much from that genre's speed and guitar riffery that it almost makes more sense to call it a death-metal record than a hardcore LP. 

That said, the band's signature, bludgeoning breakdowns are in full force, giving old-school fans everything they want out of an All Out War release — and then some. This is an absolute beast of a record, and you can listen to the whole thing in full above via YouTube. 

"Celestial Rot is a representation of all our influences coming together to create the most extreme version of All Out War while at the same time holding on to our identity," said frontman Mike Score. "We went down a darker path with this one, expanded our sound, and moved a bit out of our comfort zone. The album represents a new chapter in our creative journey."

Celestial Rot is officially out this Friday, February 3rd, via Translation Loss Records, and you can pick it up on vinyl from Revolver's shop