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Hear "Angry Queer Gloom Cult" Vile Creature's Crushing New Song

On "Forest, Subsist as Tombs," Canadian duo employs only guitar and drums to awesome effect

Grief started as a band 27 years ago. Khanate's tombstone was carved into stone more than a dozen years ago. dISEMBOWELMENT called it quits in 1993, while Corrupted are still active as a group, closing in on 30 years. The point is, doom metal, in its most misanthropic and filthy form, is a well-worn territory — so it can be hard to get excited about a band that lives in that realm.

Vile Creature are one of the few modern exceptions. Made up of members KW and Vic, the Toronto-based duo demonstrates a distinct approach that, while nodding to trailblazers of yesteryear, doesn't feel worn out, overwrought or anything but fresh. With only two instruments (guitar and drums), Vile Creature are a bowel-quaking doom unit — an "angry queer gloom cult," in their own words — with its own approach and personality, which is a rarity in a field cluttered with worship bands.

The group's latest release is Cast of Static and Smoke, a four-track armored tank plated with hatred and hellbent on crushing skulls into micro particles. The LP features appearances from Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left for Dead) as well as Jimmy Claypool of False, who appears on "Forest, Subsist as Tombs," which you can stream below for the first time. You can also order cassettes via the band and get your vinyl copy via Halo of Flies in North America or Dry Cough in the U.K./E.U.