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Hear Animals as Leaders' First New Song in 5 Years

Prog-metal virtuosos return with mind-boggling "Monomyth"

Animals As Leaders are back. The instrumental prog-metal trio helmed by guitarist Tosin Abasi have unveiled a mind-boggling new single called "Monomyth" that marks their first new music in five years. 

Following their 2016 full-length, The Madness of Many, the new track clicks back into place with all the aspects of a classic Animals as Leaders song. Djenty chugs, choppy time signatures, delicate shredding and sleek, beautiful production that lets every instrument breathe   

Its accompanying music video features a bunch of bald dudes that look like the guy from Meshuggah's Obzen artwork doing highly technical, choreographed dances to the band's highly physical grooves. It's wild stuff. Watch and listen above via YouTube. 

"'Monomyth' is part fever dream, part ritual," Abasi commented. "Its imagery represents man's ceaseless attempts to translate transcendent ideas into movement. The conflation of struggle with meaning. Pain with significance. The ultimate failure of distilling perceived patterns in the world into knowledge."

They're not revealing whether this is the first single from a new album, but they did confirm that they resigned a contract with their long-time label Sumerian Records. Keep an eye out for more info.