Hear Aquilus' New Instrumental, Neoclassical Version of "The Fawn" | Revolver

Hear Aquilus' New Instrumental, Neoclassical Version of "The Fawn"

One-man orchestral-metal project debuts revamped 'Griseus' highlight

Melbourne, Australia's Aquilus is a one-man project — spearheaded by composer and producer Horace Rosenqvist — but you'd hardly guess it from listening to its music. Inspired by early Metallica, Opeth and Katatonia, classical composers like Rachmaninov and Chopin, and movie score composers such as Bernard Herrmann, Aquilus' orchestral metal is big and baroque, dense with multi-instrumentation: acoustic guitar, piano, violin, fipple flute, balalaika, gusli and more. On December 3rd, the band will put this sound on display with two releases on Finnish label Blood Music: a long-awaited new full-length, Bellum I, and an expanded 2xCD reissue of its 2011 debut, Griseus.

The latter includes a new instrumental version of the entire album, and today (November 18th) Aquilus have teamed with Revolver to premiere the instrumental redux of Griseus standout "The Fawn," which brings out the song's classical elements. Stream it above via YouTube.

"There were lots of requests for an instrumental, neoclassical version of 'Griseus' over the years," Rosenqvist tell us. "Glad to find the opportunity to release it alongside the new record, and the new remaster from Cutting Room Studios came out great."