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Hear Arch Enemy's Monstrous New Song "Sunset Over the Empire"

Swedish band embrace their melodeath roots on the latest 'Deceivers' single

We've teamed with Arch Enemy for an exclusive vinyl colorway of their new album, Deceivers, limited to 500. Order yours from our shop!

We're still a couple months out from Arch Enemy releasing their new album, Deceivers, but the Swedish melodeath troupe are back to tide us over with a crushing new single titled "Sunset Over the Empire." Compared to the Judas Priest-esque "Handshake With Hell" and the galloping "House of Mirrors," this track is more in-line with the band's death-metal origins — no clean vocals, no moody experimentation, just skull-crushing riffs and demonic vocals from frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz. Listen above via YouTube. 

"This is a faster song with some manic riffs and a relentless beat that I can envision becoming a 'hit in the pit,'" said songwriter Michael Ammott. "Lyrically, it's sadly one of those that seems to ring more true with each and every passing day nowadays...'Words turned to war, brother fighting brother, another false truce, as the people die.'"

Deceivers is out July 29th via Century Media Records and is available for pre-order a variety of formats, including our exclusive tan colored vinyl variant that's limited to just 500 copies worldwide. Order yours from our shop! Additionally, the band are releasing a seven-inch single for "Sunsets Over the Empire" available for purchase here.

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