Hear Aussie Rapper Zheani's New Trap-Metal-Inflected Song "DIRTBIKE" | Revolver

Hear Aussie Rapper Zheani's New Trap-Metal-Inflected Song "DIRTBIKE"

Raw, autobiographical single produced by King Yosef

Existing somewhere amid the fluid, genre-smashing netherworlds of emo rap and trap metal, Australian artist Zheani is fearlessly pushing buttons and being her own goddamn self. Her latest single "DIRTBIKE" is a raw, hard-hitting autobiographical cut that sees Zheani looking back on "Donkey Dick Dave Jollow," one of her mother's boyfriends growing up, and reflecting with anguish on her father's drug addiction: "He rode that dark horse into nothin', funny thing is I still love him." Perfectly complementing the song's unflinching subject matter is the abrasive, industrialized production courtesy of Revolver favorite King Yosef. "DIRTBIKE" follows up last year's "I Won't Sell My Soul" and is the second single (see the single art below) off The Zheani Sparkes EP, due out later this spring via eOne.

"It's so easy for people to pass judgments when coming from a place of ignorance," Zheani commented. "But if context is provided, understanding and empathy can hopefully follow. I get a lot of criticism for certain decisions I made as a young adult. I realized that people didn't know about my childhood and the kinds experiences and people I was exposed to. They couldn't know how these things left me primed to be accepting of certain behaviors. For this reason I decided to give context with a flash of memories in a song like 'DIRTBIKE' and further background with my upcoming EP. I hope that individuals with comparable pasts can look at me and hopefully be less hard on themselves for their own mistakes, misjudgments and regrets. This ain't a story, cunt — this is my real life."

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