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Hear Automelodi Evoke the Cure, Drab Majesty on Bubbly New Darkwave Song

"Feux rouges, Châteaux brillants" appears on Montreal band's first new LP in 6 years

With bright jangly guitars that cut through a bubbling synth mix, "Feux rouges, Châteaux brillants" is a rather sunny darkwave track that mirrors sides of the Cure, New Order, Echo & the Bunnymen and other guyliner-friendly post-punks. Reverb-heavy guitars and vocals add a dream-like haziness to it all, allowing the track to sit comfortably beside contemporaries Drab Majesty and even M83 on their darker days. "Feux rouges, Château brillants" comes from Automelodi, a Montreal-based synth-pop band that hasn't released a new LP in six years, but that is now readying Mirages au futur verre-brisé, a new effort due May 3rd. ​Check out the new cut for the first time below; you can pre-order your copy via Holodeck.  

Automelodi tour dates:
05.01: ROMA (IT) @ Klang Roma
05.04: NAPOLI (IT) @ First Floor Club
05.05: VIGNOLA (IT) @ Circolo Arci Ribalta
05.08: MILANO (IT) @ Spazio Ligera
05.10: BERLIN (DE) @ Urban Spree (Forensics)
05.11: COPENHAGEN (DK) @ UnderWerket
05.16: HAMBURG (DE) @ MS Stubnitz with Xarah Dion
05.17: BARCELONA (ES) @ Meteoro
05.18: MADRID (ES) @ Maravillas Club
05.19: BILBAO (ES) Nave 9 del Museo Marítimo de Bilbao
05.23: WARSAW (PL) @ Pogłos with Xarah Dion
05.25: PARIS (FR) @ Le Petit Bain with X&O
05.31: VILNIUS (LT) @ Kirtimų kultūros centras
06.07: LEIPZIG (DE) @ Wave Gothik Treffen (Stadtbad)
06.14: MOSCOW (RU) @ Powerhouse Moscow