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Hear Avenged Sevenfold's Massive New 'Call of Duty' Song "Mad Hatter"

M. Shadows and Co. finally drop long-rumored contribution to 'Black Ops 4'

For the past several weeks, it's been clear that there's been a new Avenged Sevenfold song just waiting around the corner. But now all is revealed, and "Mad Hatter" — their long-rumored contribution to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 — is out in the world. Far from sounding like a recording-session discard or a quickly thrown-together cash-in, the cut packs everything that fans love about A7X's music in a tight package, combining winding guitar solos and a main riff that sounds like a real descent into hell. As for the vocals, Shadows' lyrics tie right into the game's theme, with the singer crooning "all my friends are dead" over his bandmates' shreddery.

"Mad Hatter" will available not only with Black Ops 4, but also as part of the group's brand new EP, titled Black Reign, consisting of all four songs they've contributed to the Call of Duty franchise over the years. Of the new track, M. Shadows says, "Black Ops 4 looks insane and is something completely new for fans, so we felt that we should take a similar leap with the music and go for something bigger, darker and more cerebral."

"Watching the initial trailers and looking at production sketches reminded me of the S-Town podcast and its main protagonist, John B. McLemore, who was rumored to have suffered from mercury poisoning, or Mad Hatter disease," he continues. "The idea of Mad Hatter and what it does to the brain is as frightening as the images we were shown. So I decided that the lyrics would shadow McLemore's life. The result is a thick-grooved song that's dynamic and has a weightiness to it."

Check out the song "Mad Hatter" above, and see the single artwork, by esteemed comic-book artist Simon Bisley, below. Black Reign is due this Friday, September 21st.

avenged mad hatter single art