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Hear BABYMETAL's triumphant new song "METAL KINGDOM"

Latest taste of upcoming album 'The Other One'

Babymetal's new album, The Other One, isn't out until March 24th, but we've already been given a pretty good idea of what it's going to sound like. Following lead singles "Divine Attack" and "Monochrome," yesterday (January 18th) the band unveiled teaser clips of every song on the record, and today (January 19th) they've dropped a whole other single called "Metal Kingdom."

"Monochrome" and "Divine Attack" were wildly different from what fans have come to expect from Babymetal, and "Metal Kingdom" continues to broaden their sound. In lieu of dance-y cheeriness, this track is essentially one huge power-ballad, with gigantic "woah-oh" vocals during the chorus, glitchy djent guitars in the background and an overall feeling of triumph.

Give it a listen above via YouTube. 

The 10-track LP will be the group's first full-length in four years and it's their first-ever concept album; needless to say, fans — including our readers, who voted The Other One, among their five most anticipated releases of 2023 — are super hyped on it.