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Hear Beartooth Unleash Snarling New Song "Fed Up"

Cathartic ripper from upcoming 'Below' LP

The release of Beartooth's pulverizing latest album, Below, is still over a month away, but Caleb Shomo is tiding us over with another new jam. The Ohio band have dropped a snarling single called "Fed Up" that channels the exasperated cries of mid-pandemic mania through Beartooth's signature style of fuming metalcore. 

"Fed up with you, fed up with my friends/Fed up with seeing Hell in my head," are the opening lines of verse one, immediately hearkening back to the confrontational venting of the project's early years. As on most Beartooth songs, Shomo evens out the serrated heaviness with anthemic clean singing, while also saving room for a boot-stomping breakdown that's laced with a gurgling bassline. Listen above via YouTube. 

Below is due out June 25th via Red Bull Records and available for pre-order in an array of collectible formats.