Hear Becoming the Archetype's First Song in 10 Years "The Lost Colony" | Revolver

Hear Becoming the Archetype's First Song in 10 Years "The Lost Colony"

Lead single off comeback album 'Children of the Great Extinction'

Tech-metal veterans Becoming the Archetype are back from nearly a decade's long hiatus with a brutal and spacey sci-fi epic that should appeal to fans of Between the Buried and Me and their ilk. The band rode the first wave of New American Metal working with the likes of Devin Townsend and Demon Hunter before going silent in November 2011 when lead singer Jason Wisdom and drummer Brent Duckett left the group in. Comeback single "The Lost Colony" appears to tell the story of a group of extraordinary astronauts that sets out to continue mankind's legacy on another planet until things go very wrong.

Wisdom is back in the saddle on the song, and he said he hopes fans will see the group's forthcoming new LP, Children of the Great Extinction, as the definitive Becoming the Archetype record. "This new album isn't just about making more music, but about re-capturing the original artistic spirit of the band," the vocalist commented. "Children of the Great Extinction is not just another BtA album. It is a fully realized vision of Becoming the Archetype that we've always wanted to put forth."

Children of the Great Extinction is due out on August 26th and up for pre-order now.