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Hear Ben Stiller's High School Punk Band Reunite on New Track "Confusion"

Re-recorded cut gets modern update with release of new EP
ben_stiller_band.png, Dave Sketert
Capital Punishment's Peter Swann, Peter Zusi, Ben Stiller and Kriss Roebling
photograph by Dave Sketert

Following the announcement earlier this year that his little-known experimental noise group Capital Punishment would be re-releasing their long-lost 1982 album Roadkill, Ben Stiller and his musical friends decided to get the band back together to record their track "Confusion" as well as a new EP titled This Is Capital Punishment. The new recording eschews the original's minimalist composition in favor of an upbeat tempo and cleaner production, taking the group from their early Dave Bowie–heavy sound to a mature, controlled aggression that hints at decades-old chemistry. 

Independent label Captured Tracks handled Roadkill's reissuing and will also release the upcoming EP, as part of Record Store Day's Black Friday event (go to recordstoreday.com  to find out more). A digital version will be available on December 7th. 

The band's own Kriss Roebling headed up the sessions at Brooklyn's Garden studio, first capturing Stiller's drumming before finishing the tracks with guitarist Peter Zusi and synth player Peter Swann. He told Rolling Stone, "Nobody was told exactly what to do for their parts, so each member's contribution had a marked effect on the direction the songs took, and what ultimately they developed into."