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Hear Black-Metal Trio Asagraum's Searing New Album 'Dawn of Infinite Fire'

Netherlands corpse-paint commandos aim to "ignite Lucifer's flame within you"
asagraum_2019_press.jpg, Christian Misje
Asagraum, 2019
photograph by Christian Misje

When Netherlands-based black-metal act Asagraum formed as a duo in 2015, they had one goal: to create true Satanic second-wave black metal with darkly psychedelic influences, and that they did with a three-track demo and quick follow-up LP in 2017. Today, fans of the hellish act — now a trio — can stream the band's latest horrifying full-length creation, titled Dawn of Infinite Fire, exclusively here today. 

With a flurry of smoky atmospherics, which only jagged riffs and searing vocals slice through, cuts like the previously unleashed single "They Crawl From the Broken Circle" are a furious testament to the group's ability to stand tall among the torch-carriers of the Scandinavian black-metal tradition.

"Proudly we present our new album Dawn of Infinite Fire," singer, guitarist and songwriter Obscura states simply, in keeping with the stark and mysterious presentation so favored by genre stalwarts. "May it ignite Lucifer's flame within you." 

Dawn of Infinite Fire is due out September 13th via Edged Circle Productions on digital formats, with a North American physical release following on September 27th — you can pre-order a copy at this location. See below for the full track listing from the coming LP and check out Asagraum at one of their four upcoming European dates. 

Dawn of Infinite Fire track listing: 
1. They Crawl From the Broken Circle
2. The Lightless Inferno
3. Abomination's Altar
4. Guahaihoque
5. Dawn of Infinite Fire
6. Dochters van de Zwarte Vlam
7. Beyond the Black Vortex
8. Hate of Satan's Hammer
9 .Waar ik ben komt de dood

Asagraum live dates:
08/15 - Germany @ Barther Metal Open Air
10/04 - Belgium @ Hard Rock Fest
11/02 - Italy @ Cult of Barthenope Black Metal Fest
12/14 - Netherlands @ Eindhoven Metal Meeting